Knox Co. Food Inspections

January 2018 Food Establishment Inspection Report

Establishments With No Violations:

Colonial Assisted Living – 1622 S Hart St Vincennes
Jimmy Johns – 2361 N 6th St Vincennes
Jumbo China Buffet – 2608 N 6th St Vincennes
Papa Johns Pizza – 2365 N 6th St Vincennes
The Vincennes Brewing Company – 124 Main St Vincennes
Huck’s #290 1521 Hart St Vincennes
Quickstop – 29 S 6th St Vincennes

Establishments With Violations:

Huck’s #135 – 1515 Washington Ave. Vincennes – Routine and follow up inspections.
3 Critical violations : hand wash sink must be maintained clean, hand wash sink shall be used for hand washing purposes only, plumbing must be maintained in good repair. Black build up and foul odor beneath fountain machine.
2 non-critical violations: paper towels must be provided at hand wash sink, soap must be provided at hand wash sink.
Violations not yet corrected. 2nd Follow up scheduled.

Walmart Supercenter #492 – 650 Kimmel Road Vincennes. 1 non-critical violation: hand wash sink must be maintained clean.
Violation corrected.

Subway – 2726 N 6th St Vincennes – 1 critical violation: hand wash sink must be maintained clean.
Violation corrected.

Fast Break #6 – 1 Executive Blvd. Vincennes – 5 critical violations: employees may not eat in food prep area, no date marking on meat and cheese, products past use by date, hot holding temps below required 135 degrees, improper food storage.
8 non critical violations: employees must use hair restraints, can opener soiled with food debris, handles of freezers soiled, ice dispenser has black build up, lid dispensers soiled with food debris, lobby ice dispensers have black and brown build up, lid dispensers in lobby soiled, air vents above food prep area need cleaned.
Violations corrected.