Poll Workers Needed, Being Placed for November 4th Election Day

Knox County Clerk David Shelton is doing his final preparations to staff polling places for Election Day.  A large group of voters are expected to cast both early and Election Day votes at the various polling precincts across Knox County.

Shelton has the current discussions concern poll workers, and some combined polling places…


Shelton also reminds anyone wishing to work the election to contact their political  party heads as soon as they can…

Shelton also announced a new placement for one poll location previously without a place.  Vincennes City Precinct 6 will likely be moving their poll location from the French Town high rise near Good Samaritan Hospital to the Eagles’ Lodge on Willow Street.  Other changed locations include Vincennes Precincts 4,11. and 12 voting in the enclosed shelter house at Gregg Park.

Four out of five Vincennes Township precinct voters will also vote in new locations.  Vincennes Township Precinct 1 voters will be at Ouabache  Trails, while Vincennes Township Precinct 2 voters will ballot at Christ Community Church.  Voters in both Township precincts 3 and 4 will be voting Election Day at the Highland Woods Community Center on Hart Street.  All those voting location changes are available with this story at (Website).

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