KC Sheriff’s Agreement with Bicknell Now in Place

An interlocal agreement between the City of Bicknell and the Knox County Sheriff’s Department is now in place. The Knox County Council became the third and final group to approve the agreement to allow Sheriff’s deputies to serve the City of Bicknell.
The final vote was five-one, with one abstention. David Culp was the only Councilman to vote against the move; Council president Bob Lechner abstained from voting. Both Culp and Lechner pointed to what they called widespread opposition from many people who were against the move.
Bicknell Mayor Thomas Estabrook backed the agreement. He gives some of the reasons the interlocal pact came about…

Estabrook also says the transition will start immediately…

Earlier, both the Bicknell City Council and the Knox County Commissioners had approved the agreement.

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