Vincennes Board of Works Delays Consideration of Old Orchard Road Curb Cut

The Vincennes Board of Works has delayed action on a requested curb cut in the 13-hundred block of Old Orchard Road. Nathan and Nikki Cory are seeking the cut to park a box truck on their property. At last night’s session, Nikki Cory told the Board the truck would be hidden by a privacy fence, and the area would be landscaped.
However, eight nearby neighbors came to the meeting to oppose the action. Four of them spoke to the Board against the cut. In their comments, they spoke about how the cut, and use of a planned driveway for a parking area for the truck, would not fit with the historic neighborhood. One speaker called the proposal demeaning and devaluing to the neighborhood. At the start of the discussion, City Inspector Phil Cooper told the Board in his opinion, the cut would “ruin the neighborhood.”
Others also spoke of an allegedly unregulated pole barn already built on the the property. The pole barn — and its validity on the property — is still an issue under consideration, and was not part of last night’s decision. Concerning the cut itself, the Board of Works asked the Cory’s to provide the City with plans for the curb cut and privacy fence. After the plans are reviewed, City officials will then discuss the plans with their neighbors in that area. Board members also decided the issue will remain un-decided until those steps are taken.

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